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BS Brother, Sister MS Mother, Son FD Father, Daughter MD Mother, Daughter SS Sister, Sister CZ Cousin Twins Twins Triplets Triplets Siblings Includes BS, SS, Twins, Triplets FSD Father, Son, Daughter MSD Mother, Son, Daughter FMD Father, Mother, Daughter FMS Father, Mother, Son FDD Father and Two Daughters FDDD Father and Three Daughters FDN Father, Daughter, Niece FSN Father, Son, Niece MSS Mother and Two Sons MSSS Mother and Three Sons MSN Mother, Son, Nephew/Niece MDN Mother, Daughter, Nephew/Niece MDD Mother and Two Daughters MDDD Mother and Three Daughters MDDDD Mother and Four Daughters MDDDDD Mother and Five Daughters MMS Biological Mother, Step Mother, Son BBS Two Brothers, One Sister BSS One Brother, Two Sisters BSSS One Brother, Three Sisters SSS Three Sisters SIBCZ Siblings with Cousin AN Aunt, Nephew/Niece AMS Aunt, Mother, Son AMD Aunt, Mother, Daughter ANN (Aunt, Two Nephews) or (Aunt, Nephew, Niece) ANS Aunt, Nephew, Son AAN Two Aunts, One Nephew/Niece AAAN Three Aunts, One Nephew/Niece FSA Father, Son, Aunt UN Uncle, Niece UAN Uncle, Aunt, Nephew/Niece UND Uncle, Niece, Daughter UNN (Uncle, Nephew, Niece) or (Uncle, Two Nieces) UMD Uncle, Mother, Daughter UMS Uncle, Mother, Son UFD Uncle, Father, Daughter Full Family Father, Mother, Daughter, Son GMGS Grandmother, Grandson GMMS Grandmother, Mother, Son MSGS Mother, Son, Grandson FSGM Father, Son, Grandmother GFGD Grandfather, Granddaughter GFGSGD Grandfather, Grandson, Granddaughter GFFD Grandfather, Father, Daughter GFUN Grandfather, Uncle, Niece MDGF Mother, Daughter, Grandfather MDGM Mother, Daughter, Grandmother FDGD Father, Daughter, Granddaughter InLaws InLaws